Why Don’t Accountants Have Reality TV Shows?

Reality TV

Random Rant #RR

I know you read that headline and said “Dan is completely crazy!  Accountants are boring!”  Well you’re right, I am completely crazy and many accountants are boring.  However, trust me on this – accountants needs to have a reality TV show.

What makes a good reality TV show!?

  • Drama
  • Important people (or people who weren’t important but now are)
  • Bad Decisions

I’ll tackle each of these individually and hopefully I’ll sway you as to why accountants need a realty show.

Drama:  As an accountant I see drama daily!  Maybe not the “you’re cheating on me with my best friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s husband!” or the “You spend all your money on booze and drugs!” but the real drama that makes or breaks a company.  We see it all, corporate politics, clueless board members, and executives that couldn’t tell you how much money they made the year before!  We know how to handle it and we educate so that the drama turns into a well-oiled corporate machine!

Important people (or people who weren’t important but now are):  We have this in our lives all the time.  We pick up big clients who, if we name dropped, everyone would know!  But we love picking up small clients and startups who maybe have just an idea and some financial backing.  Those are the people who weren’t important to other accounting firms but we work with them because they’re important to us.  They then become very important to everyone else when they become successful!

Bad Decisions:  This is what makes accounting so interesting!  Companies that were on the brink of bankruptcy, companies that are in bankruptcy, and even theft!  It’s all in a day’s work for us.  Like our motto says – “We clean the mess”.   We love working with our clients but, we really like helping people too.  People make mistakes, and sometimes all we need is a helping hand.   We find the bad decisions and help turn them into good decisions.

So did I sell you on an accounting reality TV show?  No?? Well, trust me it getz krazy up in herre!

Peace out!


P.S. MTV or VH1 call me!  Or, if you’re a business that needs help with your accounting, give me a call.