TED Talk – The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong

It is “that time” of the year again for most non-profits – budgets.  Creating next fiscal year’s budget is a stressful and difficult task.  What expenses can we increase?  What expenses can we decrease?  Are we going to get federal funding next year?  What about that giant grant we received last year, can we count on that again?  Not only can it be overwhelming but as we all know, one thing overlooked can be the difference between closing the doors and reaching your goals.

We recently found this amazing TED talk that we feel every non-profit should watch, as it might change the way you think about how you run your organization.

Dan Pollata talks about the Catch 22 of being a non-profit organization and urges us to rethink how we run them.  Mr. Pollata makes great points, some bleak, but others a great call to action!

After watching this, how will you look at your budget?

F5 Accounting prides ourselves on the fact that non-profit organizations are our specialty.  We always tell people – we could pick up all the for-profit companies we can, make more money than we need, and retire.  However, we find that organizations that have a clear goal, a mission to help, and a drive for change are who we love working with.  We have over 35 years of experience with non-profit accounting.

If you need:

  • Monthly accounting
  • Grants management
  • Pre-audit workpaper preparation
  • Budget preparation
  • Internal financial statement preparation
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Key performance indicators
  • 990 Tax return preparation
  • Accounting system setup and training

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