Don’t Fall for an IRS Scam

donotirsThe IRS issued another warning recently that they do not initiate phone calls with taxpayers to collect tax information or payment.

I have always told my clients to call me if they are contacted by the IRS before giving them any information or making a payment.

As good as that information is I’m sure that people panic when they get a call from the “IRS”.

I read an editorial in our local newspaper over the weekend written by a certified financial planner that they attempted to scam. I was surprised as to how sophisticated they are.

Basically he received a phone call from an individual that claimed to be an IRS agent. Caller ID on his phone had a 202 area code and identified the caller as “IRS”. The caller gave him her name and IRS identification number. She then told him that he was delinquent on his tax return and numerous attempts to collect the funds were unsuccessful. She indicated that all his accounts were frozen and that a sheriff would subpoena him that evening and he would be arrested. He could then post bail. She asked the name of the attorney that would be representing him.

He attempted to contact his attorney and accountant, neither of whom was available since it was a weekend. The number he called back answered as if they were an IRS office. He then called the police department who reassured him that it was a scam; the officer indicated that it had also happened to his father. He then listed the steps they would take to get money from the individual.

I’m sure it’s difficult to maintain composure when you are threatened but remember, the IRS does not initiate conversations with taxpayers via phone calls or e-mail.

If you’re not sure, just take down their name and phone number and
check with me, the IRS or the local police department.