Most Important Day to Remember in May!

jumpstartHere is a list of all of the holidays in May, including one very important day!

(Yes these are all real…surprisingly)
May 1st: Loyalty Day
May 2nd: Scurvy Awareness Day
May 3rd: Hug Your Cat Day
May 4th: Star Wars Day
May 5th: Cinco De Mayo
May 6th: National Nurses Day
May 9th: National Lost Sock Memorial Day
May 10th: Clean up Your Room Day
May 10th: Mother’s Day
May 11th: National Twilight Zone Day
May 13th: Frog Jumping Day
May 14th: National Dance like a Chicken Day
May 17th: National Pack Rat Day
May 22nd: National Buy a Musical Instrument Day
May 23rd: Lucky Penny Day
May 25th: Memorial Day
May 26th: Sally Ride Day
May 29th: End of Middle Ages Day
May 30th: My Bucket’s Got a hole in it Day

May 19th: National Accounting Day!

Yes! That’s right! It’s a day to show how much you appreciate (and love) your accountant!

Really make your accountant feel good about themselves that day (most of us are hideous trolls that live under bridges)!

After a long tax season and a long year of audits work papers, monthly accounting and bookkeeping, payroll, corporate taxes, board meetings, budgeting, financial statement compiling, software implementation, etc. a little appreciation goes a long way!

Not only will we be patting ourselves on the back on May 19th but we encourage you to pat US on the back as well! We also accept: phone calls to say thanks, cake, puppies, kittens, funny hats, hugs, and the occasional compliments on our looks (we don’t get to see the sun too often)

Happy Accounting Day everyone!