Bookkeeping Services

Our “Full Service Plan”.

Wouldn’t it be great to easily outsource your day-to-day bookkeeping tasks and free you and your staff to focus on your business? With our full service bookkeeping plan, we pay your bills, record your daily deposits, and reconcile your bank statements, all on a secure website, giving you and your staff 24/7 access to real-time accounting information…and, you remain in control.

Many times companies are concerned about outsourcing their bookkeeping. They worry that the data is not secure, non-authorized staff will have access to their accounts and that they will lose control of their finances.

With our full service bookkeeping plan, your data is actually safer than it is in your office:

  • We keep no check stock at our location
  • We do not use a signature stamp
  • We don’t mail checks for you to sign
  • You approve all bill payment and bills are paid using a bill payment service so your bank account number is not visible to vendors you pay.
  • Your data is kept off-site and is accessed through a secure web-portal

In addition, you don’t have to hire and train a bookkeeper, there is no staff turnover and you have a team of professionals giving you advice. We collaborate with you so we are all looking at your data real-time which will lead to better and more timely information to run your business. And, one person will not have access to all your financial records – we have internal checks and balances to secure your assets and information.

Contact us for more information. You will probably find that our services are more cost efficient than you may think.